Theragun Therapy


TheraGun is the newest device, which utilizes vibration therapy, that is accelerating patient recovery, and is becoming an essential tool for all physical therapists.  Vibration therapy creates a unique combination of frequency and amplitude which helps prevent the brain from recognizing pain signals being sent from the muscle. Other types of deep muscle treatments can sometimes be painful, but when using TheraGun, the strong percussive forces help to create large amounts of blood flow to the area which interrupts the pain cycle, and leads to a much more comfortable treatment. Faster muscle recovery is also achieved with increased blood flow, as nutrients are provided to area, and lactic acid is flushed.  At the Fischer Institute, an Elite Gunner facility, athletes and patients request that TheraGun be included in daily treatment because of the wide range of results it produces.  TheraGun can be used to treat almost any area of the body.

TheraGun can be used to Treat trigger points in muscle tissue with less pain and for longer periods of time than previous types of treatments, loosens muscle tissue, treat fitness related muscle cramps, treat large muscles that are important for proper posture, treat small muscles that are important for movement, break up scar tissue, assist in applying pressure to a muscle while simultaneously treating with a manual therapy technique, reduces lactic acid buildup This game changing device is now utilized by more than 100 professional teams. Give it a try and feel the revitalizing benefits!


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